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Our process


Our process focuses on our customers

Creating impressive art is one of the main ingredients, is widely used to generate a flurry of initial projects.


Before beautiful colors, large images and amazing typography, we analyze and study carefully the instructions we provide. This helps us to understand the specifications of measures, structure, materials, processes and production standards of the manufacturer.



We ensure that what we propose is what you as customer is what is looking to be satisfied with your product.



Material Raw


Our raw material and supplies that we use in our production process are of the best quality, available to achieve with the standards of the export goods.


All our raw material is fully identified to ensure to our customers in the manufacture of your labels with the previously required materials.



Our best quality inks

The pigments and dyes provide color. Your difference lies in that the coloring pigments are dissolved and dispersed.


• Solvents have the following functions: perfectly dissolved resins, have the ability to evaporate and maintain the viscosity of the inks. We can distinguish three types of solvents: solvent called true, diluents or accelerants and retardants (ethoxypropanol and methoxypropanol).


To handle a solvent based ink requires a mixture of 80% alcohol (solvent) and 20% ethyl (diluent).


The main known solvents include alcohols, esters, hydrocarbons, ethers, glycols, ketones.



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